Saturday, December 12, 2015

Red Mill, Jericho Vermont

8x10 inch, oil on canvas panel

Jericho, Vermont is a small town north of I-89, maybe 20 miles east of Burlington... and smack in the middle of the winter painting grounds of many a Rockport and Gloucester Massachusetts painters of the 20th C.

This was from a fall trip we took to find the motifs of these painters, introduced to us by Stapleton Kearns - and they appear regularly in Stape's incredibly interesting blog.

Local painters regularly capture the red mill in their works, though I don't see any versions among the Massachusetts group (see below). Officially the Chittenden mill, it was in its last stages a grain mill. Portions date to before 1855, but it was added to throughout the 19th Century.

The Mass painters include Aldro Hibbard, Emile Gruppe (whose daughter runs the Emile Gruppe Gallery a few miles south of downtown Jericho), and Alden Bryan (whose memorial gallery is in Jeffersonville, a few miles to the east of Jericho)... and a bunch more whose summer quarters were on Cape Ann.

Price is framed. For unframed, contact me.

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