Monday, December 14, 2015

Astor's Beechwood, Newport, Rhode Island

8x10 oil on stretched canvas

This one, which was sold a long time ago to the mother of a daughter who was married at the venue, has what might be an interesting wrinkle.

It's a view of the New York Astor's Beechwood 'cottage' along millionaire's row in Newport, Rhode Island. But it's a view you'll never see, unless you're perched in a tree along Bellevue Avenue. 

I had to make a computer model of the mansion in a 3D program and raise the viewpoint, painting simultaneously from my computer screen and a photo we took many years ago. I wanted to include the ocean that fronted the, er, cottage. The only way to do that was to get on the level of the third floor. You can't see the, well, sea from ground level.

You're unlikely to get married in this Italianate pile any more. In 2010, it was snapped by the Oracle Corporation's Larry Ellison for a mere $10.5 million. He's fitting out the ground floor as a museum for his art collection - no, none of my work is there. You would especially have difficulty reserving it if you were connected in any way with Bill Gates and Microsoft. Ellison has no love for Bill.

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