Friday, March 12, 2010

Lisieux scene

Lisieux scene
Unframed. Available in my Etsy store.
Oil painting based on a 1925 etching by Samuel Chamberlain; appears as plate 17, "Old Houses in Lisieux" in The Prints of Samuel Chamberlain

Couldn't help adding the window plants.

6 in wide x 12 in. high (15.25 x 30.5 cm) gallery-wrapped canvas.

Lisieux took heavy damage in World War II -- I don't know if these old houses in Chamberlain's etching still exist. Some ancient structures were restored after the war; more were replaced by 1950s French modern, a style that is not a high point in architectural history. Even if restored, there is almost no way to mimic the twists, sags, bends and warps that happened as the original green oak timbers dried and shifted.

Chamberlain's print, of course, is black and white; I've added colors that are found today.

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